IAP International Conference on Southeast Asia Metropolises and Urbanization

Dalam rangka Kongres Nasional IAP IX Tahun 2010, IAP menyelenggarakan Konferensi Internasional sbb :

IAP International Conference on Southeast Asia Metropolises and Urbanization: Challenges and Tools in the Context of Climate Change

JW Marriot Hotel, Jakarta 19 – 20 October 2010

1. Overview

In recent decades, issues on urbanization and climate change have been recognized as the urgent phenomenon which should be incorporated in urban development planning, especially in the metropolitan areas where millions of people live and work. As a planner profession based organization, Indonesian Association of Planners realizes that the issue should be discussed both globally and locally and involves not only the national actors but also the international environment. IAP, with the French Embassy will held the international Conference on Metropolitan Cities in Climate Change whose aim is to share experiences among scholars, practitioners, researchers in order to strengthen knowledge management for research and policy dialogue, and develop an intercities climate change support network. This Conference addresses the limited analytical capacity to carry out urbanization and climate change assessments in many Southeast Asian cities.  The conference will benefit on Urban Planners enhancement, City Government Awareness, and Lesson Learnt for Regional Partnership.

2. Date and Venue

The Conference will be held on 19-20 October 2010 at J.W Marriot Hotel. Mega Kuningan Complex, Jakarta, INDONESIA

3. Approach

The Conference will benefit from the research and practice experiences of planners, practitioners, and city majors in Indonesia and Southeast Asian Cities. Plenary presentations and panel discussions, round table discussions followed by plenary report sessions will ensure all participants have the opportunity to actively contribute towards the expected outcomes. The language of the conference will be in English with simultaneous interpretation into bahasa (Indonesia). No other interpretation will be available.

4. Program


Opening Sessions

1.       Iman Soedradjat, Chairman of Indonesian Association of Planners

2.       Philippe Zeller, Ambassador of France to Indonesia

3.       Rachmat Witoelar, Executive Chair of the National Council on Climate Change and President’s Envoy for Climate Change

4.       Djoko Kirmanto, Indonesian Minister of Public Works

5.       Hatta Rajasa, Indonesian Coordinating Minister of Economic

Session I: Defining Challenges and Opportunities faced by Southeast Asia Metropolises

1.       Prof. Charles Goldblum, Emeritus Professor, University of Paris 8 (overview of the general situation in terms of governance in Southeast Asia metropolises)

2.       Imam Ernawi, Directorate General of Spatial Management, Ministry of Public Works (overview of the general situation in the Indonesia Metropolises)

3.       Bruno Dercon — UN Habitat ROAP (overview of Cities and Climate Change Initiative in Asia Pacific)

4.       Roland Fuchs – Senior Fellow of EastWest Centre (overview of Asian Cities at Risk)

5.       Frederic Audras — AFD French Agency for Development (comments on Southeast Asia metropolises)

Facilitator: Bernardus Djonoputro ( IAP), continued with Q & A

Session II: Urban Governance and Plan Implementation: A Cross-cutting Issue


1.       Prof. Christopher Silver (Florida State University)

2.       Jerome Tadie (IRD)

3.       Dr. Teti Argo (ITB)

4.       Prof. Gunawan Tjahjono (UI)

5.       Nicolas Buchoud (Renaissance Urbaine)

Moderator: Prof. Charles Goldblum (University of Paris 8), continued with Q &A

Session IV: A Wide Range of Tools for A Wide Range of Actors: From International to Local Policies


1.       Fanny Quertamp (PADDI)

2.       Marion Joubert (AFD)

3.       Wong Tai-Chee (Singapore Univ)

4.       Presenter to be defined*)

Moderator: Domminique Dubois (SCAC), continued with Q &A


Session V: Impact of Climate Change on Southeast Asia Metropolises


1.       Roland Fuchs (Eastwest Centre)

2.       Bruno Dercon (UN Habitat ROAP)

3.       Kennet Cardenas (University of Philippines Diliman)

4.       Presenter 1 from selected papers*)

Moderator: Dr. Teti Argo (IAP), continued with Q & A

Session V: Urban Adaptation to Climate Change


1.       Ranjith Perera (UEM, AIT)

2.       Agus Purnomo/Amanda Katili (DNPI)

3.       Presenter 2 from selected papers*)

4.       Presenter 3 from selected papers*)

5.       Presenter 4 from selected papers*)

Moderator: Prof. Abimanyu (UI), continued with Q &A

Session VI: Urban Mitigation to Climate Change


1.       Verena Streinfert (GTZ Paklim)

2.       Presenter 1 from selected papers*)

3.       Presenter 2 from selected papers*)

4.       Presenter 3 from selected papers*)

5.       Presenter 4 from selected papers*)

Moderator: Dr. Rudy P. Tambunan (UI), continued with Q &A

Session VII : Roundtable with mayors of Indonesia Cities focused on defining concrete actions

Session VIII : Announcement of Liveable City Index

Conclusions : Iman Soedradjat (Chairman of IAP)

Closing Remarks : Imam Ernawi, Directorate General Of Spatial Planning, Ministry of Public Works.

5. Organizing Committees

The Organizing Committees of International Conference on Southeast Asia Metropolises Urbanization: Challenges and Tools in the Context of Climate Change are:

1.       Bernardus Djonoputro, Secretary General of Indonesian Association of Planners, INDONESIA

2.       Prof. Abimanyu T. Alamsyah  Professor of Urban Studies, University of Indonesia, INDONESIA

3.       Dr. Teti Argo, Senior Lecturer of City and Regional Planning, Institute Technology of Bandung, INDONESIA

4.       Dr. Dominique Dubois, Educational Attaché, SCAC, French Embassy, FRENCH

5.       Bruno Dercon, International Housing Adviser, UN Habitat ROAP, JAPAN

6.       Titi Panjaitan, National Council of Climate Change, INDONESIA

6. Conference Fees

Fees for 2 days conference:

General             : IDR 800.000

IAP Member      : IDR 400.000

Student             : IDR 400.000

7. Accommodation

Participants aren’t provided with accommodation, but the committee will help the reservation for the hotel as stated bellow:

1.       JW Marriot Hotel, Mega Kuningan Complex, Jakarta. Room price: IDR 900,000

2.       Four Season Hotel, Rasuna Said Street, Jakarta (30 minutes from the venue). Room price IDR 1,000,000

3.       Other Hotel as requested

8. Contact Info

1.       Esti/Irene            : 021-3908264

2.       Listra                  : 021-7226577

Website: www.iap.or.id


IAP Executive Director

Mr. Dhani Muttaqin

Tel: +62 812 2225375

E-mail: direksec_iap@yahoo.com


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