PhD Student Urban Design

Within the Department
of Architecture and Arts at the PHL University College, Belgium, the following
position (m/f) is available:

PhD Student
(2 x 2 years) Urban Design

Job description
The scope
of the research is to develop a toolbox that helps visualizing how people use,
perceive and conceive a given spatial environment, in other words: a toolbox to
visualize mental maps. The innovative aspect of this research is to rely –for
the development of this toolbox- on recent advancements within locative and
technology, specifically on recent advancements within ubiquitous gaming. We
argue that ubiquitous games can be employed to visualize mental maps. The scope
of the research is to validate this argument, by developing an ubiquitous game
for a given spatial context and within a given theme (so far defined as

Profile and diploma
degree (or equivalent) in either architecture, urban planning, geography or in
other discipline relevant to the proposal. Thorough knowledge of the English
is required.

Further information
dr. Oswald
Devisch, +32–(0)11-24 92 13, oswald.devisch@
prof. dr. Geert Wets, +32-(0)11-26 91 58, geert.wets@uhasselt .be


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  1. tito says:

    i dont get it

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