two new PhD studentships at the Centre for Transport & Society (CTS), UWE

ear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the availability of two new PhD studentships at the Centre for Transport & Society (CTS).

The first PhD looks at how social practices and technologies intersect with people’s everyday mobility. This is part of a 5-year project called ‘User Innovation’ which is examining what happens when people and the power of the crowd come together with technology to address the transport challenges faced by individuals and society. The PhD aims to support the goal of the main project to uncover user innovation, defined in the project as “the creation and application of an invention initiated by affected individuals that stems from user need or curiosity to address a problem or challenge within social practice”. The starting premise is as follows. People, increasingly are accompanied by ICTs when they travel. Many people face the challenge of managing their time and activity schedules and thus the “times out” taken for travel are important and constitute a motivation for them to think of ways to use that time to good effect. The purpose of this PhD studentship is to delve into people’s time use associated with public transport.

The second PhD concerns senior citizen’s bus travel. The decision to offer free travel to people over 60 years of age on local bus services throughout England was one of the most important policy measures affecting the sector for years.  The PhD will examine the wider implications of the policy of encouraging additional travel in terms of the benefits over-60s experience, the overall mix of bus passengers, the resource and environmental costs, and implications of the subsidy for bus regulation. In addition the success with which additional demand for bus travel was predicted as a result of the policy will be examined. The studentship is supported by Stagecoach Devon, the principal provider of public bus services in the County of Devon, and the South West Regional Development Agency, through the Great Western Research initiative. Supervision of the PhD is shared between CTS at UWE and the Centre for Sustainable Transport, Plymouth University.

CTS has a track record for attracting people from a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds and individuals are encouraged to consider these two opportunities accordingly.

Further details can be found by visiting

The closing date for applications in each case is 20 June 2008.

Best wishes,



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